Guide: How To Flash Custom ROMS and Radio

After you rooted your phone, then you just need to go to XDA-Developers and download any custom roms that is suitable for you. After that follow this simple guide;

This guide is only for those who rooted their phone using unrevoked method

[Always do Nandroid backup first (in Recovery Mode) before you do these Flashing Steps, and then copy your Nandroid backup's folder (it's in your SD Card) into your PC for future use

Flashing Steps:
1. Copy the rom or radio you have downloaded from XDA-Developers into your SD card
2. Turn off your phone and turn it back on while holding 'volume down' button
3. In HBOOT menu, select Recovery (volume up and down button is to navigate, power button is to select)
4. Your phone will be in recovery mode now, then wipe everthing (data & cache) first
5. After that select flash from sdcard and choose the rom or radio you want to flash.
6. Once completed, reboot it and you are done!!

(You have to make partition on your SD Card after you flash a rom that use A2SD or A2SD+, you can do this partition using ROM Manager (find it in Market) or Linux)
The size of partition: 0MB of swap and at least 512MB of ext2/ext3

[Flashing new radio is the same like you flash any custom roms, so just follow the flashing steps to update the radio]



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