Guide: How To Root Android Phone (Old Method)

Rooting your Desire won't void your warranty (you must have faith about the warranty though) since it's not NexusOne that will leave a trace (an unclasped lock) even if you have unrooted back.

Download the stock rom for HTC Desire from XDA-Developers to unroot your phone
so that you can claim the warranty after that.

I have figured out how to root our Android phone using simpler method than any other sources you have ever read. This guide is for 'HTC Desire' (AMOLED Screen only). Just follow step by step and you will get your Desire rooted. Alright then, let's get it started:

For the 'New Method' click here

1. HTC Desire with AMOLED Screen
2. An empty micro SD Card (must be formatted first into FAT32 before you do rooting steps)
3. HTC Sync (you can download from HTC website)
4. MicroUSB Cable (it's included when you bought the phone)
5. PC with Windows OS (XP, Vista or 7)

Rooting Steps:
1. Download HTC Sync and install it into your PC. Once done, connect your phone into your PC using USB Cable and choose HTC Sync from your phone (make sure your PC has installed the drivers for your phone so that your PC will recognize your Desire, after that unplug the phone).

2. Download this file => click here
This tool is helping you to make a goldcard. Once you have downloaded it, extract it into a folder. (this file is only for locked Desire. unlocked Desire doesn't need this tool so you can skip this step)

3. "Check the version of bootloader and current ROM"
a. Check your bootloader version: turn off your phone and then turn it back on while holding 'back' button and find the number next to HBOOT on the left top of your screen. (write down your version)

b. Check your ROM version: go to Settings>About Phone>Software Information and look at the Build Number. (write down your version)

- If you have bootloader version 0.75.xxxx and current ROM version or below => click here
- If you have bootloader version 0.80.xxxx and current ROM version or below => click here

After you downloaded it, extract it into you Hard Disk drive c: (don't put into a folder when you extract it)

4. After you have downloaded all the files needed, go to Settings>Applications>Development and then tick USB debugging.

5. Connect your phone and choose 'Charge only', run GoldCardTool.exe. [the file from step 2] (run it as administrator if you are using Windows Vista or 7. right click to run as administrator). [unlocked Desire can skip this step]

6. "Making the goldcard" (unlocked Desire can skip this step)
- After GoldCardTool is opened, click 'Get CID' (check the debug log if it's successful or not)
- If successful click the link below 'Gold Card Gen' (don't close the GoldCardTool yet)
- Your browser will open a website and you need to fill out the blanks.
- After you fill out your email address, now fill out the 'SD Card Serial (CID)' from the GoldCardTool [your CID is next to 'Get CID']
- Once done filling out, click 'Generate GoldCard!' ('goldcard.img' will be sent to your email address)
- Check your email, and download your 'goldcard.img'
- In the GoldCardTool, find your phone's SD Card next to 'HTC MMC' and select it (your phone's connection type must be changed from 'Charge only' into 'Disk drive' first)
- Click 'Load GoldCard.img' (find where you put the 'goldcard.img')
- Click 'Patch MMC'
- You're done making the goldcard!!

7. "Rooting Time"
- Once goldcard has been made, let's take some fresh air.. Don't worry, you will be fine.
- Copy the '' file into your SD Card through USB Cable (it's the file you have downloaded from step 3, and it must be found in your drive c:)
- Unplug the phone and then turn it off
- Hold 'back' button and then turn it back on (keep holding 'back' button 'till you see 4 options BOOTLOADER, REBOOT, REBOOT BOOTLOADER, POWER DOWN)
- Connect your phone
- run 'step1-windows.bat' (find it in your drive c:)
- Once the process complete -- unplug the phone, select 'BOOTLOADER' and then select 'RECOVERY' (use 'vol. up' or 'vol. down' to navigate and press 'power' button to select it)
- When black screen appears with a red triangle, hold down 'vol. up' button and then press 'power' button
- Your device should now be at 'recovery mode'
- Select 'Wipe data/factory reset' option, and then select 'Wipe cache partition'
- Once done wiping, select 'Apply'
- Just wait 'till it's finished and then you can reboot the phone by selecting 'Reboot system now' option
You should now have 'Superuser Permission' in applications menu (it means your phone is rooted now) and you're done rooting your phone now!!

(Don't update your phone after rooting it, coz there will be a window pops up asking you to update via OTA. Just ignore it, you can disable it by going to Settings>About phone>System software update and then untick 'Scheduled check')

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